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Abdelmalek Essaadi University, National School of Applied Sciences, ENSA, Al Hoceima and Moroccan Association for Scientific Research and Development (AMRSD) oganizes the Third Edition of the International Congress on Water and Environment Studies (CI3E 2020) and Training School on Water and Wastewater. It’s aims to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners, and professionals from the industry and academia to discourse on research and development, professional practice in environment and sustainable development. It is one of the leading international conferences for presenting novel and fundamental advances in the field of environment and sustainable development. On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we would like to invite you to participate to this event to be held on 10-12 December 2020 in ENSA-Al Hoceima, Morocco.

Authors are invited to submit their abstracts or complete papers in English. Papers will be presented in different poster sessions.

Our Objectives

The goal of the Conference is to bring together experts in order to mobilize innovations, knowledge and skills for advancing the cause of water, expanding the exchange of relevant experiences. Also, to up-to-date scientific research results carried out all over the world and allowing to launch new collaborative actions and new networks to better face the challenges and handle the risks for our water resources and human being. Submitted papers must represent original work, not published or presented elsewhere. Selected Papers written in English will be published in Journals (indexed Scopus, Web of Science and Elsevier Moreover, CI3E aims to exchange knowledge, as well as to build up new research topics in field of water an environment and to start new collaborations between different actors.

December 10-12

Al Hoceima





Mohamed ERRAMI, President of the Abdelmalek Essaadi University of Tétouan
Yassine ZAGHLOULE, President of Mohammed Premier University Oujda
Mohamed BELLAIHOU, Director of the National School of Applied Sciences of Al-Hoceima
Mostafa STITOU, Director of the National School of Applied Sciences of Tétouan
Abdelaziz MIMET, Director of the Normal School of Tétouan

Prof. Belkheir HAMMOUTI

Faculty of Sciences,1st Mohamed University
Oujda – Morocco
President of Moroccan Center for Development & Science

Prof. Khadija HABOUBI

National School of Applied Sciences, ENSA, Al Hoceima
Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Morocco
President of the Moroccan Association for Scientific Research and Development

  • I. Hanafi, ENSA- Al Hoceima, Morocco
  • A. Khaled, ENSA- Al Hoceima, Morocco
  • B. Samoudi, ENSA- Al Hoceima, Morocco
  • H. Bargdadi, ENSA- Al Hoceima, Morocco
  • A. Zian, ENSA- Al Hoceima, Morocco
  • N. Nouayti, ENSA- Al Hoceima, Morocco
  • A. Bouajaj, ENSA- Al Hoceima, Morocco
  • S. Naamane, ENSA- Al Hoceima, Morocco
  • M. Hlimi, ENSA- Al Hoceima, Morocco
  • L. Balli, ENSA- Al Hoceima, Morocco
  • M. Alaoui, ENSA- Al Hoceima, Morocco
  • I. Driouch, ENSA- Al Hoceima, Morocco
  • K. Haboubi, ENSA- Al Hoceima, Morocco
  • M. DOUMA, FS-Meknès, Morocco
  • A. Elabdouni, ENSA- Al Hoceima, Morocco
  • S. Bouhout, ENSA- Al Hoceima, Morocco
  • M. Elazzouzi, ENSA- Al Hoceima, Morocco
  • M. Elbastrioui, ENSA- Al Hoceima, Morocco
  • M. EL-MIRI, ENSA- Al Hoceima, Morocco
  • S. El boulahfati, ENSA- Al Hoceima, Morocco
  • F. EL marzkioui, ENSA- Al Hoceima, Morocco
  • M. Bellaihou (ENSA- Al Hoceima, Morocco)
  • K. HABOUBI (ENSA- Al Hoceima, Morocco)
  • B. HAMMOUTI (FS-Oujda Morocco)
  • A. El HIMRI (FS-Oujda Morocco)
  • K. ABARKANI (FP-Nador Morocco)
  • Y. KARZAZI (FS-Oujda Morocco)
  • A.AOUNITI (FS-Oujda Morocco)
  • L. MANDI (FS-Marakech Morocco)
  • M. STITOU (FS-Tétouan Morocco)
  • F.AZIZ (FS-Marakech Morocco)
  • M. IBENTOUHAMI (FS- Kénitra Morocco)
  • M.TALEB (FSDM-Fès Morocco)
  • R.SALGHI ENSA-Agadir Morocco
  • A.HORMATALLAH IAV HASSAN (II-ait Melloul Morocco)
  • F. El HAJJAJI (FSDM-Fès Morocco)
  • Z.RAIS (FSDM-Fès Morocco)
  • M. M. CHEHIMI (Paris France)
  • Christine GOZE (ICMUB-Bourgogne France)
  • Ernesto CARMONA (IIQ-Sevilla Spain)
  • M.ZOUGAGH (UNIV-Castilla Spain)
  • Ismail OZDEMIR (IUFS and Arts-Malatya Turkey)
  • S.JODEH (UNIV-Pallestine Pallestine)
  • K.SERRANO (UNIV-Toulouse France)
  • Xiaodan ZHAO (UNIV-Guangzhou China)
  • A. TALEB (UPMC-Paris France)
  • I. MERIMI (Kenitra Morocco)
  • A. CHAKIR (UNIV-Reims Champagne France)
  • M. ALGARRA (UNIV-Malaga Spain)
  • M. S. LYOUBI (FS Kenitra Morocco)
  • I.HANAFI (ENSA Al Hoceima Morocco)
  • B. SAMOUDI (ENSA Al Hoceima Morocco)
  • A.YAHYAOUI (LIG AIR, Orléans France)
  • Z. IRZI (FS Oujda Morocco)
  • M.H. Zerrouk (FST Al Hoceima Morocco)
  • A. EL MOLL (FST Tripolli, Liban)
  • S. BOUALEM (E.N.S.H Blida, Algerie
  • M. RADDAOUI (FSG Gafsa, Tunisie)
  • M. DOUMA (Meknes Morocco)
  • A. CHETOUANI (Oujda Morocco)
  • N. LABJAR (Rabat, Morocco)
  • S. BELOUAFA (Casablanca, Morocco)
  • N. EL ASSAOUI (Rabat, Morocco)
  • A. SOULAYMANI (Kenitra, Morocco)
  • M. K. AROUA (Malaysia)
  • T. SZUMIATA (Poland)
  • M. SIAJ (Canada)
  • M. MESSALI (Saudi Arabia)
  • A. ENNAOUI (Germany)
  • N. CHIHIB (France)
  • S. F. ALSHAHATEET (Jordan)
  • J. EL KHARRAZ (Oman)
  • SAVAŞ KAYA (Turkey)




















Zoulikha IRZI



  • Impacts of wastewater and treatment process.
  • Integrated management of water resources.
  • Desalination of seawater and groundwater.
  • Water materials’ interactions.
  • Chemical engineering applied to water.
  • Management, treatment and valuation.
  • Recycling and leachates.
  • Biogas and bio-methanisation.
  • Corrosion and protection of metals
  • Development Planning and Policy
  • Environment Protection challenges towards today and future ecosystem
  • Materials: Production, Applications & Membrane science
  • New tools in pesticides detection and analysis
  • Solid and liquid waste treatment
  • Water management and new technology to face the increase demand wide world
  • etc...
  • Standards and quality.
  • Pollution and impacts.
  • Depollution processes.
  • Ecosystem balance.
  • Biodiversity and degradation.
  • Biodiversity management and sustainable development.
  • Agriculture and agri-food.
  • Solar, wind, hydro, biomass and geothermal energy.
  • Storage and distribution management.
  • Environmental constraints.
  • Highlighting of local resources of energy.
  • Climate evolution.
  • Impacts on fauna and flora.
  • Impacts on oceans and seas.
  • Strategies and alternatives solutions.


Important Dates

Abstracts Submission

July 19, 2020
October 12, 2020

of Acceptance

july 20-31, 2020
October 13-18, 2020

Paper Submission

September 20, 2020

Conference Dates
Al Hoceima

December 10-12, 2020


In order for you to be officially registered, please make the necessary payment and email us back the scanned copy of your proof of payment. Details are as follows :

Moroccans (dh)70010005000
Others (Euros)150200800

NB: Publication fees accepted (Indexed Scopus) 1000dh (100€)

  • Conference Proceedings
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Attendance at all scientific sessions of ci3e2020
  • Congress material (printed program, abstract book/stick, bag)
  • Training School

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