About Us

The Association Moroccan Center for Development and Science (MOCEDES)

Chapter I

The Association was founded under the name of the Moroccan Center for Development and Science (MOCEDES), in accordance with the requirements of the Dahir of May 3, the year 1378 (which corresponds to November 15 for 1958) regulating the right of association, supplemented signed and modified by the Dahir of March 6, 1393 (approved April 10, 1973) and the dahir of May 12, 1423 (which corresponds to July 23, 2002).

Chapter II

The head quarter of MOCEDES is the Faculty of Science Oujda can be changed headquarters to another address to the notice of the competent authorities in accordance with the law.

chapter III

Assembly seeks to achieve the following objectives (1):
  • Encourage distinguished researchers
  • Support Moroccan student-researchers in Moroccan indexed journals Create and Manage specialized scientific journals in Morocco for the visibility of Our country on an international scale.
  • MOCEDES oversees the publication of newspaper versions of magazine articles such as Journal of Materials and Environmental Science (since 2010); Moroccan Journal of Chemistry (since 2013, Premier Journal indexed on ISI and SCOPUS in the Maghreb); Arabian Journal of Chemistry and Environmental Research; Maghrebian Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences ...
  • Gather MRE researchers around a theme to benefit young Moroccan researchers to benefit from their skills and raise their awareness to work in their country.
  • Organization of national and global scientific conferences and forums
  • Organize workshops and applied science and awareness configurations
  • The development of partnership and cooperation relations between academic and development institutions
  • Research and Cognitive Development and Development of Natural Resources
  • Dissemination of environmental education and awareness campaigns against smoking and drugs
  • Contribute to the debate and propose sustainable development projects
  • Organize forums to guide students after the Baccalaureate
  • Establishment of branches at national level